🌻 he / him
💛 gay ( out )
🌈 seventeen

EWW algebra. rainy weather. being stuck inside. sitting still. having the flu.

OMG swimming. listening to music. hanging out with friends. sour candy.

PERSONALITY pure sunshine. happy-go-lucky. endless amount of optimism. hopeful to the point of naivety. puts a little too much trust in others. always smiling for some reason. fiercely loyal & protective + would follow his friends to the ends of the earth. no brain-to-mouth filter, always says exactly what he thinks. selfless to the point of being self-destructive. minor hero complex, will always step in to help someone in need, even if he puts himself in danger.

FUN FACTS : has two younger sisters (emma and abigail.) parents are divorced, lives with mom. loves animals, especially cats. bad at personal space: ruffles hair, hooks chin on shoulders, under-the-table leg fights, et cetera. excellent cook. is 5'11". unironically uses words like 'sick' and 'rad' in his everyday vocabulary. diagnosed w/ ADHD. season depression (hits during the winter.) doesn't have a job, but gets money by doing chores and babysitting his sisters for his mom.